Reprints & original titles for newspaper and journal articles

I have a handful of citations that I'm trying to get into Zotero correctly which are reprints, and my understanding is that using the "extra" field you can add additional fields like original-date, original-publisher, etc.

However this seems to be geared towards working with books. What about if it is a reprint of an article which appeared in a journal or other publication? If I wanted to put original volume/issue/date information to indicate that it was a reprint, is it possible to do that? Or should I just use the original-title, original-publisher, original-date, even though that does't reflect the type of source that it originally was?
  • You can use Extra to store additional CSL variables for any item type (see for details).

    I’d just recommend using original date, original title, and original publisher (to store the original newspaper title if you want, as well as volume, etc. if necessary). Most styles only include the original date for reprinted items.

    Most citation styles are concerned with all of those original publication details, so I wouldn’t worry about that. Few of the existing CSL styles include original title or original publisher, so one might need to be modified to show those.

    What style are you using? What would you expect one of these citations to look like?
  • Thanks. I’m using Chicago 17. I would like the citations to look like:

    Last, first. “Article name.” In book title, 100-120. Ed. Editor name. location: press, yyyy. Originally in journal vol (yyyy): 100-120.

    (Or something like that - typing citations on the phone is just painful....)
  • I don't think that'll work reasonably with CSL. The data model is just not set up to handle essentially fully duplicate metadata for items. I'd put the entire "originally" part in a single field
  • edited October 11, 2018
    Yeah, I would recommend to just type all of the originally in part in 'original-publisher'

    Note that if you prefer, you can write it as:
    Original publisher: Originally in…
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