Articles printed over multiple issues of journal/magazine?

I am working on a citation for an article which was published in multiple installments over a series of issues in a journal (and a similar situation for a magazine). What is the best practice for this in Zotero?
  • Generally, I recommend citing each part as a separate Journal Article item. What style are you using and what format are you looking for for a citation?

    A part-number variable is planned for a future version of the CSL language Zotero uses for citations.
  • If it's clear enough, I sometimes cite these as, e.g., volume 4, issue[s] 2-3, pages 100-110, 200-210. But that only works out clearly/unambiguously if the pagination is continuous over the multiple issues-- so this often works for multiple issues but probably not for multiple volumes, which can also sometimes occur especially for a long series of articles. Otherwise I'd cite them separately.
    Either way this is a choice of bibliographic data, not something specific to Zotero. (I'm not sure whether citation styles differ on this, although if they do then it might be a reason to add more complex options within Zotero. But luckily this occurs rarely.)
  • @bwiernik I'm using Chicago 17th, and here is an example citation, which happens to be for a magazine article.

    ———. “Article Title.” 5 pts. Journal Title, 12 June 1928, 588–589; 2 Jul. 1928, 596; 16 Aug. 1928, 606; 30 Oct. 1928, 614; 14 Nov. 1928, 621.

    ... and for a journal article:

    ———. “Article Title.” 2 pts. Journal Title 5, no. 41 (11 October 1901): 1–2; 5, no. 43 (25 October 1901): 1–2.
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    The CSL citation language that Zotero uses can’t currently handle something like this.

    But Juris-M, a version of Zotero with expanded legal citation support, I believe, can. See

    Zotero and Juris-M use the same citation processor, so you could modify the Chicago .csl file to add this sort of parallel support, but that would be fairly technically complex.

    @fbennett Do you have an example for a CSL style where is-parallel is used?

    I’d recommend approxmating this as djross3 suggest.
  • Thanks. Is it possible to have a way to link references, so that one could list each article part separately (and thus could be individually cited in text / in a footnote) but then in the bibliography they are all listed together, since they are part of one large article which was published in multiple parts?
  • Not without doing as I describe above, no. You could cite them each as separate items, then manually modify the bibliography at the end after unlinking the document from Zotero to combine the bibliography entries.

    Honestly, I think this format makes it harder for readers to find the sources you are citing, so I personally would say to just cite each part as a separate item in the bibliography.
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