Syncing General and Syncing with Shareware software

Hi! I am new to Zotero, so thanks in advance for your answers to my stupid questions! ;-)

Where do I find the Sync Preferences Tab? I am trying to set up my syncing capabilities, and cannot find it. Also, I have synced using a shareware software manually between my stored files and data for Zotero on my laptop and my jump drive where I have a backup of my files. Should that work as another way to sync?
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  • Are you using Zotero 2.05b?
    Then the preferences are in the gears menu (the grey icon in the Zotero panel) -> preferences -> Sync tab

    In 1.0.10 there is no syncing.

    As for using syncing software - that is great and indeed preferable for back-up (in fact, everyone (and certainly every academic) should do that to all his personal files all the time anyway).

    for syncing with other computers (e.g. home/office/laptop) - depending on what exactly you do - that can create problems, especially if you go e.g. between a Mac and a PC or a Linux machine. So for that purpose I'd council against that, but this is not based on a deeper knowledge of the code behind it, but rather on problems I've seen reported here on the forum.
  • that can create problems, especially if you go e.g. between a Mac and a PC or a Linux machine
    Prior to the sync beta, I would sync between platforms manually quite routinely. The only recent concern that I've seen for sharing data cross-platform recently is that the case of directories in the storage directory is not always preserved between when windows writes the data & when it is mounted for reading on a non-windows system. This can be remedied by choosing the proper parameters to 'mount.'

    The problems inherent in trying to keep the single sqlite database file synced that I mentioned in the other thread are more fundamental & are not generally platform-dependent in the way you describe (though the sqlite developers have cautioned that Windows is a particularly bad OS for simultaneous access to the database file).
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