Word Plugin: VB Run-time error 5097

Zotero word plugin causes Visual Basic Runtime error 5097.
VB error pops up right after clicking any of the Buttons in the Zotero Tab.
Zotero debugger is enabled and does not log any lines when trying to use Word plugin. (My guess: error prevents any interaction between zotero installation and plugin.)

I am using Word 2010
Zotero 5.0.56
Windows 10 64-bit

To solve this, i already tried:
*reinstalled Zotero
*deleted zotero.dot from Word Setup
*reinstalled zotero word plugin via Zotero preferences > Cite > Word processors
*checked that word plugin is enabled

Every other (native) word feature does not cause any errors.
Problem persists in old docs as well as newly created docs.

Any tips on how I can solve this? Preferably without switching to another text editing software like libreOffice or another Word installation.
  • We've not seen bugs like this one before and it seems like a Word issue. Things to try as recommended on various MS forums:
    1) Reinstall Word
    2) Move the Normal.dotm template somewhere else and let Word create a new one on restart
    3) Try running Word with administrator privileges
  • 1) I deinstalled Word 2010 and switched to Office 2016 to be sure

    I tried 2) and 3) and the problem still persists.
  • Did you ever have Zotero and Word working on this machine before you started getting this error? Could you test whether it works in a new Windows profile/user?
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