Removing all attached files in group libraries using the online interface

Hi there,

I have my old phd huge group library. I would like to keep the references but free some space by removing all the attached pdf that I probably won't need anymore.

I changed the library settings and clicked on "no group file storage", and hoped this would do the trick, but the files are still in the library taking space, and not in the trash.

So I have 2 questions:
1- how can I delete all attached files without deleting the references (online)?
2- how can I empty the trash online? (today this group is not synchronized with any physical computer so I'd have to do everything online)

Thank you!
  • You'll be way faster to sync to a computer and fix this there (you can search for all attachments, move them to the trash and empty that there).
    Any way to do this online is going to be incredibly clumsy and click-intensive.
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    Hi, thanks, It took a while but I synchronised on a computer.
    I'm not sure how to select only the attachments but I found another thread on this and I managed. Thanks!
  • You can create an advanced search for Item Type is Attachment, save it as a saved search, and then do a Select All in that view to select only the matching attachment items. You can then delete those and empty the trash.
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