Citing a live performance

I need to cite (in MLA) a live musical performance, which does not exist on a recording.

This means I need to indicate the place, and probably the date, although the show was repeated in a festival for a whole month, so I'm not too sure about that.

I cannot find anything on Zotero that would correspond. Does anybody have any idea what would work ?

Found an MLA example online. Apparently, it should look like this :

Astley, Rick. Concert. 6 Oct. 2016, Town Hall, New York City.

This means that MINE would be something like this :

Sarclo. Concert. 6-29 July 2018, Atypic Theatre, Avignon
  • A performance or so item type has been frequently requested and is likely going to happen in the future, but until then I'd think that "Presentation" gets you closest both conceptually and in terms of the actual citation output.
  • Thank you, @adamsmith

    You're right, it sounds like a good idea.

    I've just tried it. Here is what I get (with the name of the show in italics) :

    Sarclo. Sarclo Sings Dylan (in French): Quatre Guitares et Un Enterrement. Atypic Theatre, Avignon.

    The only problem is that it does not include the date between the date of the show and the place. Is there any way to fix that ?
  • Can you show what the format you are looking for is?
  • (see first post above for examples)
  • How do you have the date entered into Zotero?
  • @bwiernik

    I tried different ways, but none of them worked :
    6-29 July 2018, 6-29 07 2018, 6-29 7 2018...

    It's a festival, so I'm supposed to write a date bracket, but I also tried with slashes with a simple date, such as 6/7/2018 or 06/07/2018, just to see if it worked, but even with a precise date, it doesn't.

    Also, if it's impossible to write a date bracket in Zotero, I will probably just either write the day I saw it myself (even if I actually saw it twice), or just put July with no date.

    Just want to say also that I tried a trick you taught me with "container title" for names of albums : in "extra", I wrote "Original Date: 06/08/2018" and it yielded the year :

    Sarclo. Sarclo Sings Dylan (in French): Quatre Guitares et Un Enterrement. 2018. Atypic Theatre, Avignon.

    Strange that it should work (at least with the year) when you indicate it in "extra" but not when you indicate it in the field name where it should be. I did check MLA 8 from different sources, and it's important to write the date and not just the place when it is a performance (or presentation).

    Really don't know what else to try, but I am confident that you will find a solution. :-)
  • Hurray !!

    I just tried "event date" in "extra", and this time I finally got the right result :

    Sarclo. Sarclo Sings Dylan (in French): Quatre Guitares et Un Enterrement. 8 June 2018, Atypic Theatre, Avignon.

    Still wondering, though, why simply entering it in the specifically designed date field does not work. In the meantime, I have a workaround. :D
  • Just want to add that I have also tried with a date bracket, and it worked :

    Sarclo. Sarclo Sings Dylan (in French): Quatre Guitares et Un Enterrement. 6–29 Aug. 2018, Atypic Theatre, Avignon.

    Another aspect solved !

    Small issue : right now, I am writing something short in French, so I suppose that in my works cited, it should be "6–29 août" instead of "6–29 Aug". I don't know if this is possible in Zotero.

    I tried entering "French" in "language", but it doesn't change anything.

    Well, at least it uncapitalised the French part in the title, which is already an improvement :

    Sarclo. Sarclo Sings Dylan (in French): Quatre guitares et un enterrement. 6–29 Aug. 2018, Atypic Theatre, Avignon.

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