Error: collapse years and forthcoming publications (via status) punctuation

I came across a minor error in punctuation when citing multiple works including years and forthcoming papers. This is what is generated:
(Author 2013, 2014, 2018; forthcoming)
This is presumably what should be generated:
(Author 2013, 2014, 2018, forthcoming)

In my style, I have <citation ... collapse="year">

Given that the collapsing happens automatically and the details aren't specified in the style, as far as I know, I think this is an error overlooked somewhere in the code of Zotero itself because forthcoming dates are not fully/automatically supported yet.

Or is there a reason that (e.g., in some styles) there would be a distinction between the punctuation for years and non-year dates?

Note: the "forthcoming" 'date' is being supplied by the status: value in the Extra field. ("forthcoming" is also entered as the date as a backup in Date, but changing that to other text, e.g. "in press", doesn't seem to have an effect on how this is displayed in cites.)
  • I can confirm that the between-authors delimiter, not the within-authors delimiter is being used between 'issued' and 'status' variables in this situation.

    @adamsmith @fbennett This seems like a bug in citeproc-js--collapse="year" should collapse both 'issued' and 'status'.
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