macOS Mojave update has changed the viewer in Standalone Zotero, My Library is gone

Now that I installed macOS Mojave, when I open Zotero Standalone, the viewer shows only two items. I have lots of citations in My Library, however the Standalone only shows "2 items in this view". All the contents of My Library is clearly still there in the Zotero server, and I can find items by searching in the "Advanced Search" fields. But My Library does not show up in a viewer window allowing me to browse, which is what I need.

How can I "view" all the contents of My Library?
  • Not related to Mojave — you likely just closed the left-hand pane. Click on or drag from the left edge to show it again.
  • Goodness gracious, thank you! I double-clicked on that little button on the left pane, and that popped out the "outline view" as it were, with all my library items viewable in the familiar outline I have come to love. I guess the only way this might be Mojave related is that I inadvertently clicked that view closed while doing something related to dealing with the new Mojave interface. Thanks again!
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