Flag or checkbox column option (or both!)

After using Zotero for about 2 months (with reasonable success), I am finding that having a flag and/or checkbox column in the main portion of the UI (where the contents are listed) would be HUGELY beneficial. I would like to be able to "flag" important sources - or flag ones I haven't read yet. Or a check box could also work to check off the items I have read/reviewed.
Summary: having a simple way to track what I have read - and a simple way to denote items of particular value - would be *terrific*!!
(If there is something in the UI that has this functionality already and I missed it, I would love to know about it. Thanks!)
  • Colored tags would seem to match your need. I do use those for toRead items:
  • adamsmith - Thank you for the suggestion. I had not used the colored tags before. It is a fairly acceptable work around. Still too many steps involved vs. toggling on and off a "flag".
  • Did you read this part?
    Each colored tag is also assigned a number, corresponding to its position at the top of the tag selector. You can quickly add or remove a colored tag from selected items by typing the corresponding number key on your keyboard.
    It's literally one keystroke.
  • ah... the instructions in the support documentation were a tad tricky to follow, but after playing around with it a bit I see what you are saying now. That does seem to be a reasonable solution.
    Thanks for clarifying.
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