Storage not fully syncing - no error message

I just purchased the unlimited storage plan because my zotero storage folder is over 9 GB. However, syncing just stopped at 2308.9 MB. It is not due to file compression - I spot checked several files - some were but most were not available through the browser interface. I then tried "purge storage" (through the browser "settings/storage" interface)
to start fresh and then nothing synced. However, sync did work for a few papers I then added, but not for existing files. I am hoping there is an easier way than to export and re-import all >7000 storage files. However, should that be necessary, what is the safest/easiest way to do that?
  • I wish you hadn't used purge, which will possibly make this a bit harder to fix, but definitely added a lot of unnecessary upload time. In general ask for help before taking any drastic troubleshooting steps.

    Here are the troubleshooting steps , sounds like you've covered 1-3, so 4 would be next.
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