Why am I getting Zotero fields cannot be inserted here?

I keep getting the message. I am opening the document I always work on with Zotero references, and now it asks me to chose again, even though it is already set up to Harvard and after I select Harvard it does not want to apply it saying Zotero fields cannot be inserted here!

This is impossible. i always work on this document and my Zoteroi already has Zotero set up!

  • Can you edit existing citations? Zotero might not be able to insert citations into tables, captions, text-boxes, etc, so make sure you're not inserting into one of those.
  • Are you using Word or LibreOffice? When you click Zotero Document Preferences, is the option for “Store citations using” set to “Fields/ReferenceMarks” or to “Bookmarks”?—you will want it to be set to Fields/ReferenceMarks.

    Where exactly are you trying to insert the citation? In a table, footnote, or text box?
  • Hi, thanks for feedback. I was trying to insert it in my word doc as usual. It just needed restart :) Thanks
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