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  • Could you tell me why, when I want to add a quotation of Cairn towards Zotero, sometimes not only this one is not added but moreover, all whom I already have are divided into halves?

    I have just downloaded him(it), it is not thus dramatic, I have three of it.

    But, for example, I want to add a 4th. It is not added. But a copy of my three 1st were added so that I have six of it. I click to add still this 4th which did not work and a 2nd copy of my three 1st were added so that I have nine of it.
  • @Marie-NoelleT. could you given an example of what exactly you're doing (and for future reference, better to start a new thread)
    @dstillman could you split this off, please?
  • Ok, I'll do it next time. For example, I clic on « add to my bibliography » (just the button «+») directly on Cairn page: it doesn't work and my ref those already there double. and triple. etc. Sorry for my english but do you understand?
    ... I don't know what was going on this night but this morning I found another way to add the ref I need without double anything.
    So thank you anyway..?
  • I’m still not really following what is happening. Could you show a specific example, either by typing it or taking a screenshot, posting it to a site like Dropbox or similar, and linking here?

    Feel free to write in French.
  • D'accord. Pour ajouter un texte à ma bibliographie depuis Cairn.info, si je clique sur le « + » (ajouter à ma bibliographie) dans la page des résultats, non seulement cela ne fonctionne pas, mais une copie de toutes mes références déjà enregistrées s'ajoute.
    En fouillant, j'ai découvert que je dois aller sur la page du texte et que je dois cliquer sur « citer cet article » et là, tout va bien.
    C'est plus clair?
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