AppleScript support?

Are there plans to offer some kind of AppleScript support which could make Zotero scriptable?
  • Sorry, no plans to do that. It's not technically possible in either our current platform (based on Firefox) or, as far as I know, our future one (based on Electron), though the latter might change at some point.

    You can write a Zotero plugin to change Zotero's behavior, including accepting commands via HTTP or similar to trigger actions.
  • You’re moving to electron!?! I’m curious - what benefits does that give over Firefox as a cross platform environment?
  • A future, mostly. Firefox as a platform has EOLd the technology that makes Zotero possible (xpcom); zotero builds on an older Firefox now, and it's just bound to fall in disrepair.

    There are plenty of good reasons to critique electron as a platform (it's not very light), but if you want to deliver a new one cross platform JS app to the desktop, that's where it's at right now. It also means zotero gets full access to everything on npmjs, which is where library management lives for JS. Personally I'll be glad to get away from having to use webpack to use npm modules.
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