Import of references from Google scholar to zotero: Converter

I have a problem importing references from Google Scholar into Zotero (only for Google Scholar, other database no problem). I used Firefox and Zotero 5.055

The yellow folder appears and after selecting references I have the following message:
"Une erreur s'est produite lors de l'enregistrement de ce document. Résoudre les problèmes de convertisseurs. An error occurred while saving this document.
Solve the problems of converters."

I re-installed the connector but it's the same thing.
I went in the add-ons / extensions / Zotero Connectors / Options / Advanced
and there's an error message : Report ID: 515315959

Java is up to date.
I don't understand.
Could you help me please ?
  • If you're using google scholar a lot, you get locked out by google from downloading citation data. There's unfortunately nothing Zotero (or you) can do about that and google scholar has become more stringent about how quickly they do this.
  • I am surprised because I don't use much google scholar, I don' download a lot of references ....
    It happened to other people? It is common ?
  • Yes it does and it is fairly common.

    You can double check if this is the case by clicking on the quotation mark icon and the selecting "BibTeX" at the bottom of the popup. If you're locked out, you'll get a captcha to prove that you're "not a robot".
  • See here for some tips on importing from Google Scholar without getting locked out:

    If you are importing hundreds or thousands of items, it might also be faster to install the Punlish or Perish program, run your search there, and then use it to export the results to BibTeX, which you can then import to Zotero.
  • Thank you very much for your answers: comments and tips
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