work together on a large text with existing citation links

my colleague and I want to work on my word text that contains already zotero links. we thought, we could create a group library with the concerned collection. but I now seem to understand that the links will not be copied. is there another way to do this? what about sharing my private account address?
thank you
  • You can absolutely share your library, though that'll be a bit of a mess if your co-author has a Zotero account of their own. If they don't that would definitely be the easiest (note that they'll be able to do anything you would -- delete item, change organization, etc.)

    The other option would indeed be to use a group. The thing to pay attention to there is to use the group only for items that you haven't previously cited. To re-cite something you had cited from your account, make sure to select it from under "Cited" in the (quick format) add citation dialog. That uses the reference information stored in the document, so your co-author would be able to do this without having access to your library.
  • it's about proof reading a text, so it is 99% existing citations.
    so I would think sharing the private library would make more sense. on the other hand, my private library has over 100 GB. is there a way for my colleague to use it without her having to install the library on her laptop?
  • If the text is 99% existing citations, I'd just have her leave the citations alone and add comments where they need changes/additions.

    But if you do want to share your library, she can set file sync to "as needed", so that she doesn't download the attachments which are the bulk of the 100GB
  • well it is also about shortening the text and this will also make citations disappear. ok, thank you, then we will try this.
  • She can delete citations. She can just not add new ones.
  • can she edit them?
  • She can edit the citation with respect to the page number cited, remove citations, and add prefix/suffix using the Add/edit citation button, but she cannot change the citation metadata, e.g. to fix a typo in an author name. She will need Zotero and the Word add-on installed for that, of course, but as per above she doesn't need access to your library.
    Both of you should avoid directly changing the citation in Word. Always go through the Zotero Word add-on.
  • ok, so she would not even need to open the library, just activate the the add-in in word? adding an editor or location would be meta-data?
  • She would have to have Zotero installed and open, not just the Word add-in, but it could be with an empty library or her own library.

    Yes, adding editor or location would be metadata, so she would not be able to do that without access to your library.
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