collapse / expand collections

I regularly use the "-" sign to collapse collections. but often, the expanded view returns immediately, so that I have to do the exercise several times. is this a bug?
  • by the way, is there an answer to this question?
  • Do you mean that it expands again before you do anything else, or after some action that you take?
  • hm, seems to work again, hope it stays like that
  • oh, I was wrong, it is still there. I happens when I make a selection by introducing a term in the search field. I seems to concern all the notices where there are attachements tagged with the search term.
  • nobody else got this problem? really disturbing
  • Can you provide exact Steps to Reproduce?
  • hello
    - i type a word in the earch field,
    - zotero selects the corresponding items, with the collections expanded
    - i click on an item and type "-" so that the collections collapse.
    - but the collections expand again, often happens several times after I type "-"
    note that it does not do so all the time, right now it does not. I have not found out yet in what situations the problem occurs.
  • i click on an item and type "-" so that the collections collapse
    Do you mean items? If you click on an item and press "-", it's items that collapse, not collections.
  • ok, you're right: items
  • I think it happens when zotero is synchronising. since this often takes long, i am too impatient to wait
  • no, sorry, it's not that. zotero continues to do it. might be that it happens when I add a text to an attachment
  • This was happening to me as well. In a saved search folder, every time I would edit any of the items (e.g., fixing capitalization in a title), it would expand all of the items in the view. I may have solved it by editing the saved search and checking the box for "Show only top-level items". I am guessing the saved search was refreshing as a result of the edit, and showing all of the attachments as well, because that was part of the saved search?
  • saved search is an option, but not so practical if you just want to browse quickly in your datas. what astonishes me is that it does not happen all the time.
  • I have the above issues and I have it too with collapsing saved searches that search for attachment content. I'll see if I can capture it in more detail when I run into it again, to aide with the troubleshooting.
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