Copying to a group library and syncing very slow or fails

I am trying to copy a large database (23 000 entries) from My LIbrary to a group library to share with my work group in the lab. But when I try to copy a block of references I frequently get a synchronization error, see Report 1055367131 and I have to restart Zotero or reboot to clear it and start the copying again.

Is there any way to avoid this?
  • You mention in a different thread that your library is on a server (which I assume might be a network drive?). I'd assume this could contribute.

    The other thing to try would be to just disable automatic sync while you're moving the items.
  • Thank you, disabling automatic syncing has made a tremendous difference.
  • Just make sure that no one else is working on the group at the same time to avoid sync conflicts, and, of course, manually trigger sync periodically.
  • I tried to move from my own library to the group library, I selected and dragged all items but they wouldn't move...Here's the Debug ID D1371693383.

    Thank you!!
  • The solution I found to work was to switch off Sync automatically and Sync full-text and to move only 1000 entries or less at a time. Make sure the entries are all successfully in the Group library before trying to move another block of references. Once you have moved all entries switch sync back on and wait for the sync to finish.

    Note that all my attachments are stored locally, not in the Zotero storage, so both the File Syncing options were unchecked.
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