APA in-text citation displaying chronologically, not alphabetically

APA style says to list alphabetically, but my citations are showing chronologically:

Jensen, 1998; Downes & McMillan, 2000; McMillan, 2002; Bucy, 2004; Landay, 2012

I tried both APA 5th and 6th styles. I tried reinstalling the Word plug-in. Using MS Office 2016, Zotero Any help on how to fix?
  • Fixed. Just in case anyone else has this problem, I created a new citation with the same authors and it sorted correctly this time. Deleted the old one.
  • What likely happened is that you unchecked the “keep citations sorted” option in the Z menu of the Add Citation window (or you manually dragged the sources to a different order, which would also uncheck that box). That would disable the automatic sorting.
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