In-title HTML tag parsing (escaping apostrophes) problem

edited September 23, 2018
I have come across an error in the Zotero parser for titles which have HTML markup in them. It seems to be caused by an apostrophe.

This happens for all styles, so it's the way that Zotero parses the title rather than any individual style. For example in Chicago:
Lamb, William. 1999. “Agus: Dè Th’’ Ann?</i> Thoughts on Subordination and Coordination in Scottish Gaelic.” presented at the the 3rd Conference on Gaelic Linguistics, Edinburgh, April.
The content of the Title field in Zotero is:
<i>Agus: Dè th' ann?</i> Thoughts on Subordination and Coordination in Scottish Gaelic

This produces three errors shown above:
1. The entire title is italicized, rather than just the short phrase (in Gaelic) at the beginning.
2. The open italics tag was clearly parsed, but the close italics tag remains as literal text, also explaining (1).
3. The apostrophe is doubled, presumably due to some attempt to escape it. So I assume this is the cause of the problem, and the italics parsing is fixed if I remove the apostrophe from the title.
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