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If someone changes his/her username, ONLY the new entries show the new username but the older entries still show the old username. Is there a way to have old entries show the new username?

  • By "entries", you mean the "Added by" column in group libraries on, correct?
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    For me "Added by" is the username. The "entries" would be various articles added by the username in a group library.
  • Hi,

    Wanted to know can a new username (for a older account) show up in the "added by" field for older (added) articles? Or the new username shows up ONLY in the new articles added to group libraries going forward by the user?

  • Yes, the new username will show everywhere.
  • Hi,

    I am attaching a link to my issue. Eventhough, the member changed her username, the online platform still shows her old username. Could you please check and give your feedback?
  • This should now be fixed. (Usernames are still cached for a little while, but here they weren't being properly updated in some parts of the system after a change.)
  • Thanks for your help with this issue! All set now...
  • I realized that we have exactly the opposite problem: in "Recently added items" Zotero shows as "added by" the old username, instead the new (actual) username) is shown in the single items.
    We are very grateful if you could solve this problem
  • I made some tests and finally I have found the BUG.
    In the "Recently added items", Zotero uses the realname of the user as value for the column "added by".
    But if the user changes his realname, Zotero continues showing the "original/first" realname of the user.
    This is our case !!!
  • Do you have any news about this problem ?
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