Unified style sheet for linguistics: missing space between edition and volume

edited September 21, 2018
For a book with both edition and volume, there is no space added between the two in the 'Unified style sheet for linguistics' style.

Doe, John. 2018. My Book Title. 2nd ed.Vol. 5. Location: Publisher.

I could add this myself, except that I'm not sure what best practice is to add a space conditionally when two independent items in different hierarchical positions in the layout both must be present.

Edit: updated to add that a book chapter with edition and volume doesn't have the same problem, because the page numbers are inserted between. So that's something else to watch out for regarding changes to spacing.
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    It seems that this can be fixed by adding a space within the 'locator's macro. Find:
    <macro name="locators">
    <else-if type="bill book graphic legal_case legislation motion_picture report song" match="any">
    <group delimiter=". ">

    And simply add prefix=" " to the tag in last line there.

    I'm not certain this works perfectly in all cases, but it seems to work from what I've been able to test. I don't have any of the less common types to test with-- like bill, graphic, etc. Just book, actually.

    Question: if there is an extra space inserted, will the parser automatically condense that to a single space? If so, I suppose there's little chance of a problem with this, since I think in all cases a space before this would be desirable.
  • You should use groups and delimiters generally, rather than prefixes, to avoid that issue.
  • But while it's better to avoid relying on it as bwiernik says, the answer to the question is that yes, the processor strips double spaces.
  • @bwiernik no argument from me! But this is an existing style that would have to be entirely rewritten to eliminate the hierarchical structure. (Chicago, for example, is similar, but a flat structure in the final layout, which is much easier to deal with in that sense. It looks like that also uses some prefixes though!)

    @adamsmith thanks. I'm not sure whether or not any double spaces are introduced anyway, but if they'd be stripped then there's little risk.

    So does this seem to be a general solution, or do you have any suggestions? If this is a solution to the problem, then the style should be updated.
  • I have a fix for this.
  • OK, fixed now, should be on the Zotero repo within 30mins.
  • @adamsmith thank you! As far as I can call that corrects the problem without introducing any new ones. I've checked it with a reasonable number of common formats.
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