Zotero self-hosted


We are very interested in having our own self-hosted Zotero.

Based on the posts underneath and the two projects on Github I was wondering what the current status is of these projects is. Would one of the two be the (official?) Docker-version which adamsmith is referring to?



Thank you!
  • Neither of those would be the official Zotero docker image (that would be hosted at https://github.com/zotero).

    The Zotero server code is here:

    The first GitHub link you gave indicates that’s it’s Zotero 5.0-based, so it might work, but it’s not officially endorsed in any way by Zotero.
  • Thank you for your immediate reaction and explanation.

    From previous comments I read there is no actual ETA for the Docker; is it realistic to still put our hopes on this year?

  • Taken literally, the answer to your question is yes -- it is realistic to put your _hopes_ on this year, but you shouldn't plan on it. My impression is that the docker container isn't actually a ton of work in comparison, but it's also not super high on Zotero's priority list compared to issues affecting many thousands of users and that sometimes somewhat randomly pop-up and require attention.

    FWIW, mrtcode works for Zotero, so what you see on his repo is either a Zotero developer trying this out because they're curious, or an early attempt from Zotero. I'd give that version a shot.
  • Dan Stillman also indicated in February that official Docker support would be predicated on dropping sync support for Zotero 4.0. See https://github.com/zotero/dataserver/issues/75#issuecomment-368259275.

    I'm not aware of a public ETA for that, though, although it's been over a year since 5.0 was released, so most people likely have migrated by now.
  • 4.0 sync is no more as of end of August, so that's one checkmark.
  • We didn't plan on it, like you suggested, but now that Spring 2019 is here :-) I hope you don't mind me asking again regarding the self-hosted version and it's status and/or release date.

    Thank you!
  • As it is fall 2021 an no answer was given in spring 2019 - i'd like to re-ask the question.

    Maybe I missed another thread or any other information. I would be happy if someone could point me in the right direction.

    Thank you in advance!
  • There are no updates on this. Anything official would be easy to spot on Zotero's GitHub.
    https://github.com/ZotPrime/zotprime is the best maintained community option
  • Awesome, thank you for that hint!

    Best regards!
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