Jumping up 10 pages whenever put a citation in in Word 10

Hi does anyone know why this issue happens? Everytime I put a citation in, Zotero jumps me up about 10 pages in the document. I'm literally spending about 3 times as much time scrolling in the document back to where I was than I am referencing. Its the most annoying think in the world. I'm so close to smashing my computer screen! Why does it do this? And how can I make it stop?!
  • What version of Word on what operating system do you use? Are you storing citations as Endnotes?
  • I have the same problem, except Zotero jumps 1 page back. I'm using Ausonius Editions (Footnote), but same happens when I switch to an in-text style like American Psychological Ass 6th Ed.

    Maybe the problem is (something within) the specific Word document because it hasn't occurred till few days ago. I could't replicate it in another document (very simple one though), but I noticed it before on some other, more complex documents.

    It is most annoying and if someone managed to solve it, please answer.
  • Is there a citation near where it jumps you to? If so, try to delete and reinsert that one.
  • For what it's worth now, I found this post after having a similar issue in Word (jumping up about a page as soon as I hit Add/Edit Citation). What I saw when I paid attention was I had Word on full screen on my large monitor and it would take the whole space (two pages at a time could be viewed) during the operation. Once I took Word off full screen, which I didn't need anyways, the issue resolved - no movement at all.
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