Taylor and Francis Group journals and import problem & solution

Since the early morning hours today for many T&F Group journals it is necessary to refresh the page before the red Z becomes the journal article icon. The webpage doesn't completely load and a refresh is needed. Sometimes two refresh actions are required. After a refresh/reload action the journal article icon appears immediately.
  • looks like it's working fine for me in Chrome. How widely have you replicated this (i.e. different browsers, different computers, different internet connections)?
  • Fails initially for us on and off campus Firefox and Chrome 1 in 2 or at best 1 in 3 connections. As I said, the page doesn't completely load waiting for an ad-server. I posted my message to help other Zotero users who might not try achieving a successful download by refreshing the page. It occurs to me that refreshing the page might be a worthwhile suggestion for the troubleshooting information in Zotero's documentation.
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