page numbers in annotations extraction with Zotfile

i am annotating PDFs and extracting the annotations with Zotfile.
if the annotated file is a book it usually has various types of 'prefatory pages': cover, title page, introduction, summary, etc., with the first true body text arabic numbered page appearing as the nth of the PDF.
is there a way to have Zofile extracting the appropriate page number for the annotation?
with thanks
  • There is an option (I believe checked by default) in the advanced tab of the ZotFile preferences to use "actual article/book page number..." that is intended to do exactly this.
  • hmmm, i tried but even with if the zotfile option is activated, for a work made of - say - xix+342 pages (xix of prefatory matter + 342 of body text) the number given by zotero for page 2 of body text is 21 (19 pages of prefatory matter + 2 of body text).
    noting to do?
  • If that doesn't work, then no, I'm afraid there's nothing you can do.
  • i managed the thing splitting the PDF of the publication in two parts: 'preface' and 'body'. and putting both as attachments of the same 'object'.
    now the extraction of annotations from 'body' gives the right page numbers.

    only it would be easier if the notes in turn were made as attachments of the PDF they are taken from
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