Improvement proposal : enhancing visibility of attachments


This is a (discrete) improvement proposal to improve the visibility of attachments in the display of collections.

Context: In the display of collections, it is only possible to know if a document has attachments and the number of notes attached but no more. You need to deploy each document to see what the attachments are :

However, it would be very useful to be able to see at a glance if a given document has a PDF, snapshot, notes, etc.

My idea is to be able to add an additional column displaying the icons of the document's attachment types. Not a "standard" column, rather a bonus column accessible from the "More columns" icon :

Well, it's a raw idea for now, but what do you think of it ?

Translated with


Ceci est une proposition d'amélioration (discrète) pour améliorer la visibilité des pièces jointes dans l'affichage des collections.

Contexte : dans l'affichage des collections, il est seulement possible de savoir si un document a des pièces jointes et le nombre de notes attachées mais pas plus. Il faut alors déployer chaque document pour visualiser les pièces jointes :

Or il serait très utile de pouvoir voir en un coup d'oeil si un document donné a un PDF, un snapshot, des notes, etc.

Mon idée est ainsi de pouvoir ajouter une colonne supplémentaire affichant les icônes des types de pièces jointes du document. Pas une colonne "standard", plutôt une colonne bonus accessible depuis l'icone "Plus de colonnes".

Bon, c'est une idée "brut" pour le moment, mais qu'en pensez-vous ?
  • One existing option is to type the right arrow to expand the item to see what attachments it has or to type the + key to expand all items.

    (If you prefer to write in French, feel free to just do that.)
  • Thanks for answering !

    I knew about expanding but my need is to be able to know what is "behind" each document without effort, just with a quick look.

    Typing the + key is a closer to my need, as i allows to see all the attchments of all the files.
    But it takes a looot of space and the view isn't much readable in my opinion. (that shortcut isn't included in Preferences => Advanced => Keyboard Shortcuts by the way whereas it is useful !)

    I still prefer the solution i proposed in, much more readable and efficient in my point of view.

    Plus, as it could be "just" an optionnal column, i feel like persons with the same need would be happy to find that option without modifying how list display work.

    (or maybe as a plugin ?)
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