File storage: moving from WebDAV to Zotero storage?

I am currently using WebDAV to store full text of docs I have in my Zotero DB. But the service provided (Box cloud service) will stop supporting WebDAV in a few months. Seems the only other (guaranteed) solution is to use paid Zotero storage (I already use small paid Zotero storage for my group files). How should I move all file currently on WebDAV to Zotero storage (I have >15 GB of data).

- Jacek
  • You can just change your settings in the Sync pane of the preferences. Zotero should automatically upload your local files to Zotero storage.
  • thanks. How slow is going to be the process? I have ~6500 items in my Zotero lib (all files take up ~15GB on the local disc).
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    Quite slow, I would guess, but that depends on your upload bandwidth.
  • I switched to unlimited Zotero storage. Waiting for it all to sync, it looks that it might finish within one day.

    I also now selected "Sync full-text content" under Data Syncing. Though, I could not find what it exactly means.
  • PDFs are only indexed on the computer where they are added. Sync full text content syncs the index across computers, ensuring that full text search includes all files regardless of where they were indexed.
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