springer LNCS web sources

i am writing a paper using the springer LNCS template v. 1703 for word mac.
i am also using the LNCS zotero stile for the citations.

the LNCS template shows that the bibliography should indicate the "last accessed date" for the web sources, while the zotero LNCS style ignores this.
could someone help me, please?
  • Could you give a link to the style guidelines specifying that?
  • hi,
    the template is downloaded from
    https://www.springer.com/gp/computer-science/lncs/conference-proceedings-guidelines - Microsoft Word 2003 Proceedings Templates (zip, 229kb)
  • it seems also (i am discovering things as long as i proceed) that the LNCS zotero style doesn't keep, when i insert a citation, the page number.
  • The author guidelines do not specify to give an access date (ftp://ftp.springernature.com/cs-proceeding/svproc/guidelines/Springer_Guidelines_for_Authors_of_Proceedings.pdf
    ), and Springer journals generally don't use them. I also don't see access dates in a handful of papers I grabbed, so I would suspect that the template is simply out of date.

    Regarding page numbers, you mean when you enter a page number in the Add/Edit Citation window in the Word plugin? Including page numbers in numeric styles like this would be very unusual, and I don't see any examples in my search of a paper including them in a citation.

  • when you open the .docm template, it shows a mockup bibliography which contains the last accessed date for web sources (i understand that the page numbers are unclear: pages of the article or pages cited? more probably pages of the article):

    For citations of references, we prefer the use of square brackets and consecutive num-bers. Citations using labels or the author/year convention are also acceptable. The following bibliography provides a sample reference list with entries for journal arti-cles [1], an LNCS chapter [2], a book [3], proceedings without editors [4], as well as a URL [5].
    1. Author, F.: Article title. Journal 2(5), 99–110 (2016).
    2. Author, F., Author, S.: Title of a proceedings paper. In: Editor, F., Editor, S. (eds.) CONFERENCE 2016, LNCS, vol. 9999, pp. 1–13. Springer, Heidelberg (2016).
    3. Author, F., Author, S., Author, T.: Book title. 2nd edn. Publisher, Location (1999).
    4. Author, F.: Contribution title. In: 9th International Proceedings on Proceedings, pp. 1–2. Publisher, Location (2010).
    5. LNCS Homepage, http://www.springer.com/lncs, last accessed 2016/11/21.

  • Yes, I know what you meant, but that is only in this template and not in the author guidelines I linked to or in any published articles. The template appears to be out of date with the style that is actually used.

    Page numbers for the entire article you enter into the item in your Zotero library, not in the Add/Edit Citation window. These already appear in the existing style.
  • @bwiernik please notice that the document you linked does not address the problem and the webpage example presented in the References section is a main landing page that represents an organization, is not a specific document available as a web page.
    Please also read this: https://www.springer.com/engineering?SGWID=0-175-6-791930-0 (last section) that applies to all Springer's Engineering series.
    At the end of the day the problem is that there are a lot of outdated online resources and is hard to understand what is current and what is not.
  • @damnation @adamsmith Springer does seem to be using access dates now, at least in the handful of engineering journals I checked. For example https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007/s11831-019-09315-1.pdf

    Should we add accessed for webpage, post, and post-weblog to the Springer styles? What about report?
  • How about offering one alternative version with access dates?
  • @ayonda
    Sorry for the long wait, but we just pushed a PR to include access dates. (https://github.com/citation-style-language/styles/pull/4320#event-2663613283)
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