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Is there a way to ask Zotero to index certain libraries/collections first?
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    I would really appreciate some guidance on this. Please take a look here - So I have far more unindexed files than indexed ones. And I am of course extremely reluctant to rebuild the entire index for fear that I will lose even the 60k ones that have been indexed. I also - as far as I know - have no control over the indexing process. Would it be really hard to - as is now possible for syncing, for instance - give us the ability to select libraries/collections and to ask Zotero to (re?-)index just those? Also - is there any way to get more visibility into what Zotero has already done, where it may have gotten stuck (and why), why it is not indexing the others, etc. 

  • Unless you're OCRing old PDFs or you turned off full-text content syncing, indexing manually isn't really something you should ever have to do. These options are mostly holdovers from before the PDF tools were bundled with Zotero.

    Synced full-text content should be indexed automatically in the background when your computer is idle.

    If you have files that were added on this computer in an earlier version before the PDF tools were bundled, you can click "Rebuild Index…" and then select "Index Unindexed Items".

    I'm not sure if "Index Unindexed Items" will index attachments without local files that have synced full-text content — possibly not, though it probably should.
  • No cigar.. Debug ID D598200715
  • Meaning what, exactly?

    Can you restart Zotero, wait for everything to load and syncing to stop, and then generate another Debug ID for "Index Unindexed Items"?
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