Zotero Help


Hope someone can help me.

I'm studying nursing in Denmark, and we are to use Zotero as a reference program.
Since yesterday it hasn't worked though.

i've tried going through the troubleshooting list, but it doesn't help.

- Uninstalled and installed again
- Searched for updates in both zotero and the chrome connector
- The website works for all the other students in my class, but not for me - all though it worked fine a couple of days ago.

The problem seems to be, that I can't create a reference for books. If I visit a website with a journal for example and create a reference through Zotero, it works like a charm.
But if I go to "www.bibliotek.dk", find a book and try to create a reference the Zotero icon just say: This item could not be saved because Zotero isn't open or is unreachable. Please open Zotero and try again"..

Zotero is open!!

Okay, so I try to copy this ISBN directly into Zotero. Still nothing happens.

Anyone who has experienced something like this? Or know how to fix it?

Best Regards

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