MacOs text replacement in Zotero


I've recently started using Zotero for managing research sources and for taking reading notes. It's an amazing piece of software. Thanks!

I'm a Mac user, and in MacOs there is a convenient operating system global text replacement function. Replacements are configured under System Preferences->Keyboard->Text. The shortcuts defined here are then available system globally in most applications.

I cannot get the text replacements to work in Zotero, even though they are activated and work well in other applications. (There are issues also in some web applications).

Is this a known issue? Do the replacements work, but require some extra configuration on my part?

Kind regards,
Peter Olin
  • The current version of Zotero is based on Firefox, and unfortunately those shortcuts don't work in Firefox (or Chrome, from the looks of it). The next major version of Zotero will be based on a different platform that seems to support them, so these will likely work in the future.

    For what it's worth, TextExpander does work in Zotero as well as all browsers.
  • Thanks dstillman,

    great answer, and thanks for giving hope for the future.

  • Also Keyboard Maestro is a great MacOS text expander. I've used it for years with Zotero and I haven't found a program where it doesn't work. There is a Windows version.
  • Very happy with aText on Mac, works fine in Zotero for me.

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