Per Group Permissions for feeds/api - too many groups

I have a large number (>100) of collections. When I try to create a private key for just one group library, I can - because of this - not 'see' all libraries in my browser. See here, and please not that I cannot scroll down in my browser window and can also not see a 'more' button, as I do when I am just viewing the groups online (which is a pain, as I have to scroll through 6 pages I guess, but I've sort of gotten used to it). Is there another way to do this? Thanks!

  • This should be fixed, though with that many groups it will be possible for these requests to be fairly slow for now.
  • That's ok! As long as gets fixed, because so now I have most of my groups that I can not create separate private keys for. And I don't know whether it's possible, but if in the regular online viewing it were possible to - for instance - have an option to see the next 10 groups or so (faster) OR all groups (slower), that would be fantastic!
  • I think fcheslack means he _has_ fixed it, could you check?
  • Oh really? Wow! You guys ARE amazing. I will in a few minutes - I'm consolidating some very large libraries right now (with difficulty - by the way! Zotero does NOT seem to like this) - but after I finish this batch, I'll check...
  • Holy smokes! :) It DOES work now. Fantastic! Thanks much...
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