I can not get metadata after Zotero update.

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Previously I was able to get references(author, publishers..) via accessing metadata of the PDF file.(See before_updating file_
However, after a Zotero update (now version 5.0.55), fail message showed up saying 'No matching references found" and unable to get references. (after_updating file through link above)
I uploaded the PDF file at Dropbox linked above I've tried.
Please let me have any ideas on how to fix this?
  • When this was working, were you using an earlier version of Zotero 5 or were you using Zotero 4?
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    It was Zotero4. I tried Zotero on April~July 2016 around.
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    Let me give you new information. I just downloaded Zotero 4(Zotero- from website and tried it. It successfully retrieve metadata. Let me give you this exam_file and captured jpg file again.-->

    I would like to find way to use Zotero 5, since Zotero 4 doen't support sync anymore.
  • I'm gonna doing like this till I find solution. Install Zotero 4 --> getting metadata -->upgrade to Zotero5. It is quite well though for me.
  • Zotero 4 used a different method for retrieving PDF metadata that relied on Google Scholar. While that worked for anything in Google Scholar, Google has very strict rate limits, and if you try to recognize more than a few files at once you'll likely be locked out of Google Scholar for a period of time.

    Zotero 5 uses a new PDF recognition system that we built that works on an unlimited number of files and can also identify files and extract and retrieve some metadata (e.g., abstracts) that the system in Zotero 4 didn't get. Unfortunately, its support for non-Western files without identifiers (e.g., DOIs) is more limited. (Those files also tend to have more varied layouts and mixed languages, as in the example you gave.) On the whole, though, the system in 5 should be an improvement — particularly since you won't quickly be locked out of Google Scholar.
  • I fully understand now. And appreciate all those kind reply.
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