Finding/Sorting by DOI

Is there a way to sort libraries/collections by DOI numbers? It does not appear to be a field by which you can sort them - which would have been the easiest way to do this. But I also don't see how we can do an advanced search and ID them like that. Is there a way to do DOI is/contains.. SOMEthing?
  • In Advanced Search (the magnifying glass), you can search for DOIs specifically.
  • Thanks. But I want to sort them - to have all the ones that have DOIs together so that I can then use the unpaywall plugin to download smaller batches (as Dan recommends doing)
  • Advanced Search for “ DOI contains % “ then make a Saved Search. This will give you a folder with just the items that have DOIs.

  • no good method , need change the code of zotero
  • As stated above, you can search for items that contain DOIs with Advanced Search. Moreover, you can also install the DOI Manager plugin to automatically find missing DOIs for items
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