What's wrong with this journal?

The journal College & Research Libraries doesn't play nice with Zotero. Articles at least save as journal articles, and Zotero gets the HTML header as the article title, but that's about it. All other basic article metadata (journal title, volume, issue, date, etc.) don't pull in, or are pulled in incorrectly (author names all jumbled together). Articles have DOIs, but those don't pull in, either.

I've contacted the journal editor about this previously, to no avail. Anyone who can tell me exactly what to communicate to their sysadmin will be my hero for life. I use this journal all the time and am getting really tired of fixing every single field every time I save something. Thanks!
  • I'm pretty sure the answer is:

    the <center> tag in the head of the page (on line 30) is illegal. Because of that, the browser assumes the head ends there. Zotero only looks for metadata in the header, so doesn't find them.

    You can see the 5th error in the validator here referring to the center tag: https://validator.w3.org/check?uri=https://crl.acrl.org/index.php/crl/article/view/16827&amp;charset=(detect+automatically)&amp;doctype=Inline&amp;ss=1&amp;outline=1&amp;group=0&amp;user-agent=W3C_Validator/1.3+http://validator.w3.org/services

    which then cascades down to all the meta elements not being allowed. Very good chance this has negative implications beyond Zotero.
  • I have been a member of the organization for years and I've pointed out several specific errors in the way that the website constructs their headers. A couple of things were corrected only to have new ones arise. There is a considerable irony here in that a great portion of the journal's and organization's purpose concerns are a focus on facilitating access to knowledge and use of computer tools to that end.

    I will directly contact folks I've worked with in hope of quickly resolving this.
  • Thanks to you both for looking into this. @DWL-SDCA were you able to make contact with anyone at C&RL? I had an email exchange with the editor last fall about the issue, but neither she nor the sysadmin were able to fix it.
  • I haven't had the impression that they are interesting in making the effort to repair the problem this time. I didn't get the impression that they understood or really cared. At one point someone said that the editorial board wasn't very interested in the journal's impact factor. I took that to mean that they didn't especially care about citations to their articles.
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