Accessing a reference library saved locally from different PCs

Dear all,

i am using Zotero with a lot of satisfaction, but now face a specific problem and I hope I'll find an answer here :
I work with several other persons on one locally saved data bank (on a shared server). For some reason we don't want to put our data bank online (in a cloud). The problem is, when one user is currently using Zotero, the data bank is not accessible for the other users. Is there a way to allow access to the data bank for several users at the same time? (sort of syncing locally)

Please refrain asking why not syncing the data bank in a cloud or explaining that it would be better for us.
Thank you very much in advance!
  • can't be done without syncing (or setting up your own sync server), sorry.
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    Thank you adamsmith!

    Could you please tell me how to set up my own sync server on a local server?
  • The source code for the zotero sync server is here:

    You would need to set up a local server to run that and then change the address of the sync server your Zotero app is pointing to (it’s a hidden preference—in the Advanced pane of Zotero preferences, click Config Editor, then search for sync to find the preference),

    This is obviously very technically involved, and we can’t really provide any support for it. There are plans to make a Docker image of the zotero sync server to make the process slightly easier, but no ETA on when that will be available.
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