Error ID 1118853855

I have attempted to reproduce all the steps that result in the OS-1728 error code. I am using Word for Mac 16.16 with a document scanned with the RTF/ODF Scan initially scanned through Zotero 5, then opened in LibreOffice. From there, I set the citation style as Chicago (author, year), then as an output I can open in Word - .docx. I would really appreciate getting the scan to work with BlueBook citation style. I noticed that the RTF Scan (with .rtf outputs) does not work at all, meaning the output does not have active Zotero citations.
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    These are the steps you need to follow to go from ODF Scan to Word. I think you might be missing the bolded steps below:
    1. Save the file as ODF with Scannable Cite-formatted citations.
    2. Close the file and use ODF scan with Zotero.
    3. Open LibreOffice and open Document Preferences from the Zotero toolbar.
    4. Choose a non-footnote style (like Chicago author date) and select "Store citations using: Bookmarks" (not ReferenceMarks).
    5. Click OK, save the file as .docx, then close it.
    6. Open the file in Word.
    7. Open Document Preferences, change "Store citations using:" to "Fields", and select your preferred citation style.
    8. Click OK.

    (RTF Scan is working as intended; it just converts citations to the specified style—it doesn't make live Zotero citations.)
  • okay, the good news: the error code does not appear when I open the .docx in Word. that is great. previously, the document would not open at all. however, when I reach step 7 in your above instructions and select "fields" and choose Bluebook as citation style, the footnotes do not actually appear in Bluebook style at all. There are no id. cross references (even thought there should be) nor are there any supra references or any of the conventions like that, which Bluebook requires. for a lengthy article that is a must. please note that the cross-referencing supra and id conventions (signals) work just fine for me with the Zotero integration picker in Word. I need it (the cross referencing supra and id) to work with the scan because I am drafting in Scrivener. I am sensing that I am just about to make this work. it would be great to get there. I do otherwise love Zotero.
  • I don’t really know what you mean—I don’t understand legal citation very well. But Zotero has limited ability to handle all of Bluebook and other legal styles’ complex requirements, so it’s possible that Zotero can’t handle that.

    You should check out Juris-M, a third-party version of Zotero with much expanded legal citstion support. I am guessing it will do what you are wanting (ODF Scan works with Juris-M too):
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