Manual Sync in 2.0

I went to sync preferences and enabled automatic sync. No problem with the first sync, though a bit slow, as I was warned. But the continual automatic syncing slowed down (held up) my zotero, and the rest of firefox, in a very annoying fashion. So, I would like to manual sync once a day. However, although the documentation says you "may" manual sync if you don't check "sync automatically" under the log in part of sync preferences, I can't figure out how to do that. I'm sure it's simple, but I've looked and looked...

  • Click the icon with the circular green arrow at the right end of the toolbar.

    Automatic syncs after the first one shouldn't really slow down your Zotero, though, unless you have a relatively slow computer. Are you sure the sync is, in fact, going through each time? Do you see your library items on the website? Are you adding many items at once?
  • Ok, excellent: I see the button now. And, no, I'm not sure it's going through! I'm not sure how to check. Can you give me the website location? (I'm not adding much each time.)

    Thanks much,
  • If you're logged in, click My Library at the top of this page. (Or, if you're using 2.0b5, double-click on My Library in the client.)
  • OK, did that. I wasn't in sync, so I clicked the button. Lots of waiting, but My Library says there is nothing there! I'm logged in. Melani
  • What ultimately happened to the sync icon?

    If it stopped with a yellow exclamation mark, you can hover over it to see the error message. You can also submit the error using Report Errors under the gear menu and post the Report ID here.
  • OK, although there was no yellow exclamation mark, there is a message when I hover: "Error Processing Uploaded Data, Report ID: 4ea88ef3. Thanks. MM
  • For the sake of general info: I did finally get the sync to work. This time (as opposed to earlier times), zotero informed me of a specific set of problems: in several cases, my tags were too long. This came from the fact that when I originally imported cites from Pro-Cite, it took the many indiv tags provided by the LOC and made them into one long tag, which was much too long for Zotero to process. (I had corrected most of those tags already, but apparently had missed a few.)
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