Zotero not taking change into account

So, here is the problem. (working on LibreOffice, on Mac)

Initially, I had entered the surname AND forename of the author entirely in the name field by mistakes. As a consequence, "André LEFEVERE" arrived at the beginning of the alphabetical order in the works cited.

I modified it in Zotero to solve the problem, and now it reads normally :
Lefevere, André. “Literary Theory and Translated Literature.” Dispositio, vol. 7, no. 19/21, 1982. Zotero, http://www.jstor.org/stable/41491223.

BUT for some reason, it STAYS at the beginning of the works cited.

I've already tried :
syncing with Zotero.org
refreshing the LibreOffice document (seemed to be the obvious fix, but...)
Deleting the whole list of works cited and adding it again.

Anybody has an idea what I could do ?
  • Yes, I do have an idea ! xD

    No need to bother, I've just turned off Zotero AND LibreOffice, restarted both, and it's repaired.

    Sometimes just a little magic... Sorry for disturbing, hope my "fix" will help someone someday, maybe...
  • There is a minor bug where the sort order doesn’t change until Zotero instantiates the style, either by restarting Zotero or by changing styles and back.

  • OK. Thanks @bwiernik. I think restarting is the easiest option :-)
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