Syncing progress

edited September 4, 2018
Is there a way to provide the full path in the box that opens up when you hover over the sync icon during syning? As you'll see here, we have group libraries containing many collections (sometimes a few levels down). The box only shows the top-level folder, where it would be far more useful if it showed the entire 'path'. Or maybe the top-level with .. and then the lowest level. Would that be possible?
  • Items can exist in multiple collections, so it's not possible to say that it's syncing items in a given collection.

    What's the problem here you're interested in solving?
  • edited September 7, 2018
    I guess it's a 'peace of mind' kind of thing. To give a (current) example. We have people all around the world adding items to a specific group library. And so I (and others) are always worried that these group libraries might not be syncing properly. So if I (and others) were able to see WHICH precise library/ies are being synced, that'd make us feel a lot more at ease...
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