What item type for Oxford Bibliographies (or any annotated bibliography)?

I need to add an article from Oxford Bibliographies to Zotero. Any suggestions for an item type? I was leaning toward Encyclopedia Article, but it occurred to me that I should be thinking of this as *any* annotated bibliography.
  • Encyclopedia Article, being sure to give the URL, is probably a good fit for these.
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    Just commenting that I'm adding one at the moment, and the metadata automatically imported from the DOI is substantially wrong: item type is book section, with author as author and book-author, book title is the subject area. Otherwise I can just add it as a webpage, either way still requiring substantial manual changes. (Edit: There's also a "cite" option I just found, next to the export button, and it offers a third format, but that's even stranger, lacking the author, abbreviating the resource as "obo" and using URL instead of DOI, with no date for the item itself, but an access date.)

    I also tried the export to Zotero option, which was a bit of an inconvenience because it began importing dozens of references into Zotero rather than a reference to the bibliography itself. But the resulting references were also very messy. I'm guessing that's not something that Zotero can easily sort out, because some of the metadata is just wrong (idiosyncratic abbreviations for some publishers for example), but some issues might be solvable such as not importing the author name for any subsequent entries for the same author (it's blank in the format listing them, but it shouldn't also import as blank). It's silly that Oxford has the export option there if they're not going to at least attempt to supply valid data for export rather than display.

    At some point it would be nice to have a special translator for this, because the content is useful, but I understand if it's not a priority and can do it manually for now.

    One question: using "encyclopedia article" seems reasonable (or chapter is a similar citation), but that approach doesn't provide a way to insert the last-edited date including day and month. It's an odd format. It does have a publisher, so website isn't correct. I'm not sure how to cite this.
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