Problem dragging multiple PDFs into Zotero

  • I am also having a problem dragging multiple PDFs into Zotero. I do have the checkbox toggled to "Automatically retrieve metadata for PDFs." Could there be another setting that needs to be tweaked to enable multiple PDFs to be added to one of my collections?

    Also, I will echo the many thanks to the Zotero developers - this is a great tool!
  • What exactly happens when you try to drag multiple PDFs into Zotero?
  • While dragging, an icon with the number of PDFs appears with the subtext that says "copy" when hovering over the collection area. After releasing the finger from the mouse button, nothing happens.
  • Can you submit a Debug ID ( for an attempt to do that?
  • Sure thing, thanks again for looking into this! Debug ID: D1328075953
  • @dstillman Anything to see in there?
  • edited August 31, 2018
    No, nothing in there.

    Does dragging individual files works, or does it not work regardless of the number of files? Where are you dragging the files from? A normal local folder on your hard drive, or somewhere else?
  • Dragging individual files works great, with the creation of a parent item and metadata loading correctly. I experimented with dragging two files at once versus a whole folder full and received the same results. I also experimented by repeating the action with the metadata checkbox unselected, but this revealed identical results with no change. The files being attempted to transfer to Zotero were drug from a normal local folder on my hard drive.
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