I need zotero for ipad.

Please, please
  • The zotero.org web library generally works well. Also look at Zotfile for a way to send files back and forth to your tablet.
  • I agree with niceb! There needs to be a way to do annotation and syncing on an ipad. Is this in the works? If not, I am already exploring moving everything to Mendeley, which seems to have an ipad app that allows annotation.
  • Zotfile is a good way to send PDFs back and forth to annotate on an iPad. There is the Papership app that some folks have had success with, though it has not been updated in some time. If an iPad app to view your entire library (rather than just the selected files you send using Zotfile) is very important, you might want to consider another program.

    Be aware that Mendeley does not actually save its annotations to the PDF files, but rather in a proprietary format stored only in the Mendeley database. It is currently very difficult to migrate your data out of Mendeley again without losing data (including annotations).
  • I have been working on some workflows with the API and the Shortcuts app,
  • It's a problem. I work with a Macbook and an Android cell. My Zotero library and attached files are on Google Drive. Zotfile for Android doesn't work well. Should I change from Android to iPhone? On the other side I'm agreed with the big limitation of Mendeley that doesn't support well MacOs.What do you thing about Zotez for Android? Zotez should sync your attached file if on cloud (Google drive, Dropbox) but seems not to work.
    Anyways something for iOS and Android has to be done: cell, tablet, iPad are more and more important. Short: what can Zotero and third party (rialable) offer for iOS and Android? Thank you everybody for helping
  • While I have not used it, ZotDroid (a third party app) is being actively updated:

    You said your Zotero library is on Google Drive. Does that also include the folder where Zotero has the zotero.sqlite file or just the sub-folder "storage"? You should *NOT* have your main Zotero folder on Google Drive because it's likely to get corrupted.
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    Hi, Gurdas,

    thank you for answering. I have been used a free version of Zotdroid. Maybe that's the reasons of his malfunction. I didn't understand if I can download just the alleged file on Zotero. I have zotero.sqlite and storage on my Mac and a synced copy of both on Google drive. Is it wrong?
  • I have zotero.sqlite and storage on my Mac and a synced copy of both on Google drive. Is it wrong?
    Yes, that strongly discouraged and very likely to cause database corruption.
  • Woh! Thanks. Now I have zotero.sqlite only on my Mac
  • Hi guys in a new post I wrote my concerns about zotero.sqlite
    Back to my first problem: how can Zotero work with a Macbook and an Android cell with the pdf stored in Google drive?
    I tried with ZotEz (5.99€). It didn't work very well (e.g. I can't find the last imported items) and it's not possible to tag, notes, etc.
    I tried with Zotdroid (1.99€), but need WebDAV to catch my pdf and that it's not possible with Google drive. I've thought to make another copy of pdf on Box, but from 2019 box will no longer support WebDAV. I couldn't understand if Onedrive is compatible with WebDAV. What can I do? I work a lot with the computer, but I'm not an expert: I'm an academic in a Law School (terrible Person!)
  • There are several options to use WebDAV with Google Drive:

    Easier would be to use a cloud service with native WebDAV support. Here are a list of services users have found to work with Zotero:

    (Side note, as a legal scholar, you might find Juris-M, a version of Zotero with much expanded legal citation support, to be helpful: https://juries-m.github.io)
  • Thank you very much bwiernik also for the zosqlite integrity check: it's ok.

    About Google drive. I've created a Multcloud account and then try to follow your suggestion https://zotero.org/support/kb/webdav_services. It supposed to create a web bridge with https://github.com/mikea/gdrive-webdav. And I'm lost. Is there something fit for a law scholar?

    About juries. Your suggestion is very kind. I tried it 18 months ago. It was not completely compatible with Zotero and not so updated like Zotero. Is it now better? Under https://juries-m.github.io I didn't find anything.

    Thanks again

  • It’s https://juris-m.github.io/ (no e)

    The GitHub link is a little technical. I would recommend one of the services listed at
  • You're very kind bwiernik.
    About juris. I have +8k items. I prefer to stay on the bigger and updated family of Zotero.
    About GitHub. It's too technical for me. I landed there only because https://zotero.org/support/kb/webdav_services suggest it for Google drive (DAV-Pocket seems not to be updated since 2010). If WebDAV it's not possible with Onedrive too, I'll wait for the new version ZotEz (it should be native) or a more comfortable way with Zotdroid.
    Thank to you and to all the Zotero community for helping (it's the big and real plus of Zotero)
  • CloudMe is very popular with Zotero users. I also personally recommend just to purchase Zotero storage for the most seamless experience.
  • Thank you, bwiernik. My university work with Google Drive (we have +20 TB) and take good care of it. My pdf for Zotero (+16GB) are stored there with a lot of other stuff for the university (230 GB). Zotero wants 120 $: it's a little bit expensive. But I'm going to think about that again. Have a nice day
  • Looks like Zotero hired an iOS software developer! https://twitter.com/zotero/status/1069690493053726720 Maybe a real Zotero-backed solution is in the works. This would be amazing.
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