Translators for CARL

Hi! The Combined Arms Research Library (CARL) ( has several databases/search interfaces, so there are few translators regarding which I have questions.

1.There is a translator for Library catalog ( - generally works fine, but duplicates items. Submitted debug output (D1563016286)
2.Summon (online+print collection) also has a translator. Somitemes it may not show all the items from the page (e.g.!/search?ho=t&fvf=IsFullText,true,f&l=en&q=russia) (debug ID D658813643)
3.There's also contentDM Digital Library for monographs and theses ( - there's no dedicated translator. I can save single item as a web page (and it retrieves a PDF), but no necessary metadata or saving in batches. Any reasons there's no translator for this specific CARL db? And perhaps any plans of making it? It would be great, as it contains a nice collection of open-access PDFs.
  • For 3 -- no particular reason, no (the two other translators, of course, arent' specific to CARL but work on a lot of catalogs), but it requires a fair amount of work since the data aren't on the page in a machine-readable format.
  • Ok, thank you. It'd be cool to have it, but I can see why it's not exactly top priority.
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