Can we collapse all group libraries?

edited August 26, 2018
The default opening mode is that all libraries open in 'expanded' mode. Is there a way (in the settings?) to change that default mode to 'collapsed'? This would make like a lot easier for those of us with many, many libraries...
  • You mean your libraries are expanend when starting Zotero?
    My libraries open in the same state they were when I closed Zotero with exactly the same folders expanded.

    One way to quickly collapse all folders in a library is to press '-'. I just have one library so I can't try if it also collapses the librariy as well.
  • Yes to the first part -- libraries should open in the state they were when you closed Zotero -- but the - shortcut applies per library, and sdspieg has >100 groups, so that's of little help.
  • So Sebastian - there is basically no way then?
  • At this point, no, sorry
  • edited September 13, 2018
    I see. Oh well! We'd better always close them after using them then... At this point :)
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