DOI retreival problem

For the following item:
Moran, R. (2017). The philosophical imagination: selected essays. New York: Oxford University Press.

Zotero cannot find the item when I enter this DOI into 'Add Item by Identifier':

But the corresponding page does resolve successfully:

Does anyone know why this is happening? Thanks.
  • Does the wand work if you enter the isbn (9780190633776)?

    I haven't tried lately but I don't remember magic wand working with DOIs for books.
  • It does work with ISBN, but with the increasing use of DOIs for books and book sections, I would think that it would be good if it worked for both.

    Does it not work for books by design? Or is it hard to implement?
  • It does generally work for books.
  • we're getting an unusual format returned from CrossRef. Should be fixable -- we'll take a look.
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