Editing Chicago style to add journal abbreviations

I need to use Chicago style with journal abbreviations for a publication. It looks like using the Journal Abbr field is not an option with the Zotero Chicago Styles (since the option doesn't appear in my wordprocessor plug in Document Preferences settings). I can not find a modified style in the style library. Has anyone made such a style, and if so would you be willing to share? Or do you all have another suggested solution? Thanks.
  • What type of publication is this? Do they have a style guide published online? It's a very odd requirement and I'm not aware of any such existing style. It wouldn't be terribly hard to modify the existing style, though.
  • It’s a book. I guess I can relearn how to edit. It’s just a time suck since I haven’t done it in years and was hoping I could be lazy and someone had already done it.
  • Thanks for replying!
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