Suppress book series in citation

Looking for guidance on how to suppress or exclude series title from citations and bibliographies. Series titles typically are included in the Item info when adding from library catalog. Thx.
  • This is controlled by the citation style you choose (I.e., you don’t need do, and shouldn’t generally, delete data from the item in Zotero). Most styles don’t include series info. What style are you using?
  • I'm using Chicago 17th (full-note).
  • I'd be inclined to remove the info after import if you really don't want it. To modify the style, you'd want to remove any lines that includes text variable="collection-title"
    General instructions here
  • Thanks. CMS 14.123 (17th ed) indicates series may be included with bibliography (though not citations). Although we rarely see series indicated in books in the humanities these days, it's probably more prudent to retain this info in the Item until I have specific publisher guidelines. At that point, manually removing series or editing the style would be in order. I've not done the latter but trust it's straightforward.
  • I have a request that is practically the opposite of this. I would really like to include the series names in MLA and the style allows it to be added at the end of the entry, as an optional element, but I have no idea how to enable this to be picked up. Is there some way of specifying this?
  • What do you want the book series to look like in the reference?
  • My understanding is that MLA 8 would expect it to look like this, at the end:

    Hunter, Jim. Tom Stoppard: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Jumpers, Travesties, Arcadia. Faber and Faber, 2000. Faber Critical Guides.

    This is based on the instruction in MLA handbook that optional information such as type of work (if unusual), total no. of volumes, series name, or original publication history can be given after the last period in the entry, with no special formatting. (In the same slot as access date where applicable.)
  • Hi,

    Just bumping up this thread in case anyone has a solution for this. Thanks!
  • In the MLA style find
    <macro name="container2-title">
    <group delimiter=", ">

    and right below it add
    <text variable="collection-title"/>

    See here for general instructions:

    Don't forget to change the style title and id
  • Thank you. This works perfectly!
  • Hi, as a followup to the earlier request, this is what happens when I cite a chapter from a book in a series that is located online:

    Stoppard, Tom. “A Dimension That Can’t Be Captured.” The Hard Problem, edited by Simon Hodgson, American Conservatory Theatre, 2016, pp. 26–29. Words on Plays, A.C.T. American Conservatory Theatre,

    The series name is "Words on Plays" but it gets combined with the location of the book (Container-2), which is a website. I think there should be a period instead of comma after the series name. What can be done here?

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