Foot notes for a Marie Curie Application

I am hoping that you might be able to help me out. For an application I need to add references as footnotes and as far as I can make out Chicago manual style (note or full note) does this. However, both these referencing styles are not what I am I am after an author-date style (similar to cell), but to add it as a footnote.
I've tried to go through the style directory too, but didn't come across any.
If anyone has any good suggestions I'll be very grateful.
The ideal preference is a simple style that does, for example,
1 Case and Waterman; 2015; Nat Cell Biol; 17: 955–63.
2 Abercrombie; 1980; P Roy Soc Lond B Bio; 207: 129–147.
3 Lämmermann et al.; 2008; Nature; 453: 51–55.
I came across an old forum on this but I could not follow this: (
Thanks lots
  • If you download this file

    (right-click --> save link as) and then double click it, it will install in Zotero. See if that style works for you. It looks roughly along the lines of what you ask for. (The bibliography is sorted oddly by the call number variable, though, not sure with what goal)
  • @adamsmith Applications to this award should be sorted by citation number. I am pretty sure that the call number thing was a misunderstanding on the part of the style author.
  • @lasaniw If you use this style, you would want to delete these lines from the style first:
    <key variable="call-number"/>
  • Hi all,
    Thanks lots for your help-it worked :-)
  • Hi all. This style is very convenient and ALMOST perfect for the Marie Curie.
    My main issue is when I re-cite a ref that was cited on a previous page (let's say ref 1), instead of giving the same ref number (1), it gives a new number with a new footnote that says "see ref 1".
    Is there a way to change that so that it refers to the note on the previous page?
  • You can do that using Word’s Cross-Reference feature.
  • @adamsmith Thanks for this. I noticed the footnote bibliography isn't showing the title of cited article. The author name, year of publication and name of journal are stated but the title omitted. Please what could be wrong or is that how it's supposed to be?
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    @bwiernik can you be more specific about what removing these lines that you mentioned earlier means?
    Also does anyone know how to use the style shared by @sulow (and accessible here: so that the references are listed one after the other? (not a new line for each new ref.) ?
    Thank you!
  • Currently the style sorta the bibliography by the `call-number` variable. That almost certainly isn’t right—just remove the sort section from bibliography—no sorting is needed.

    It’s not possible in Word to have multiple footnotes with different numbers on the same line. You can enter multiple refs in the same citation (under one number), but not have multiple numbered citations on one line.
  • I tried to remove the 3 lines you quotes but the footnoted references disappeared... just for the sake of certainty, would you be so kind as to shared the code without the lines to suppress?

    Thank you for your help!
  • Delete lines 806-808, then copy the code to the validator and make sure it validates.
  • Thank you for your responses. Unfortunately, even though the validator went through correctly, when I use this style, the footnotes (which contain the bibliography) disappear on my document...
    Here is the link for download of the edited style:

    Thank you for your help!
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    OK. Now we know what you're actually working with.

    What are you trying to achieve?
    This is an author-date style and it will typically insert (author name, date) into the text. Of course you could make a footnote and then put that into footnote with this style, but you could also just use a footnote style.

    Please explain exactly what you need/what the problem is and then we can see.
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    Thank you. I would like to use the Mendeley citation assistant in Word to make citations appears as footnotes on each page. In the text, citation numbers should appear as superscripts, and in the footnotes the references should mention the author name (first one), the journal, volume and pages and the year of publication. I would like to save room in my document so I would like to have them all one after the other (on a given footnote), not adding any line between the references.

    Basically I would^1 like this^2 (please bear with me for the superscripts):
    1 Leal-Calderon et al, 2007, Emuls Sci 181. 2 Howse et al, 2007, Phys Rev Lett 99: 8–11.

    Instead of this:
    1 Leal-Calderon et al, 2007, Emuls Sci 181.
    2 Howse et al, 2007, Phys Rev Lett 99: 8–11.

    ... in the footnote.
    Also if possible, if a citation has been cited on a previous page, re-using the same reference number instead of adding another note with a new number (but I guess this is impossible with a Mendeley biblio style in Word, from what I have read here...?)

    Thank you so much for your help and time.

    PS: I was actually working with this biblio style initially which is the closest to what I would like because it makes the biblio in the footnotes, which is a start):
  • You are looking for a note citation style. Don't use an author-date style (like that MSCA-H2020condensed one you linked above) in that case. It's the wrong thing.

    Also, footnote is the footnote, bibliography is the bibliography. I know what you mean, but you're mixing the terms here. ;)

    The footnotes that Zotero/Mendeley insert are actually handled by Word. So you can use Word's cross-referencing functionality to reference another footnote. That's you're only option.

    Why can't you use that last style by DaniBodor you linked to? That seems to be what you're looking for.
  • Do you mean that I can use the Word's cross-referencing functionality (which I need to learn) coupled with the Zotero/Mendeley insert?

    The style by DaniBodor is indeed nice but all the refs on a given page are put on a different line. If I change this manually, the references won't be updated automatically in the document anymore. Do you know if there is a way to change this from his code?
  • When you click on "Add Citation" in Word with a note style all it does is tell Word "please insert a footnote here for me so I can add some text".

    What do you mean by "different line". You mean a new footnote?
    You can add several different citations into one footnote.
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    A new footnote would appear on a new line at the bottom of the page, wouldn't it?
    I would like to have all refs. in a single block, like:
    [1] Author1 et al, 201, Science 25:1-2; [2] Leal-Calderon et al, 2007, Emuls Sci 181; [3] Howse et al, 2007, Phys Rev Lett 99: 8–11; [4] AuthorLambda et al, Nature 07:6-8.

    Basically, one footnote, with all refs in it. And in the core text, refs appear as superscript numbers.
    I am just looking to same some space since I am limited to the page number in the document I am working on.
    Thank you for your help
  • Note though that that won’t save any vertical space — the footer will be just as tall as if they were all on separate Lines. This is a limitation in Word.
  • Thank you both for your suggestions and help.
    This is actually very close (if not what) I need. The only this is that I need to convert all the citations I made using the Mendeley plugin in Word, to inline citation and then put these manually as foot notes.

    Hence my question: is there a Mendeley/Zotero bibliography style which could do this?
    So far, I feel it is something between what DaniBodor wrote and the biblio style of the "Modern Humanities Research Association 3rd Edition (note with bibliography)". While the first one seems to provide short formated references, the latter makes them appear all continuously (one after another in the footnotes).

    Any suggestions (code edits?) would be much appreciated.
    Thank you for your help.
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    I just published my adaptation of Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) 17th edition fullnote style for MSCA-IF to Github at This style tries to safe as much space as possible by removing all but the essential information (for historians and other humanists at least).
    Author-date formats are insufficient for these applications as you do not have any space to provide a bibliography that adds the necessary information.
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    Hi Till,
    Thank you for sharing. It may be because I am a beginner in that matter, but I cannot get the csl file you shared to work.
    When I copy-paste it from:
    to the CSL validator (, it says there are two errors:
    * Line 455: Element “macro” from namespace “” is missing a required instance of one or more of the following child elements: “choose”, “date”, “group”, “label”, “names”, “number”, “text”.

    *Line 1267: Unknown element “elseif” from namespace “” not allowed as child of element “choose” from namespace “”.

    Any idea what I am missing? Maybe I am not using the proper file...?
    Also, would you know how to modify it so that I have inline the ref. number in superscript and then the biblio as a footnote, and each new ref. is put one after the other (not a new line)? I just need "First Author et al., year, Journal, volume, pages;" and then on the same line next reference, etc.

    Thank you for your help and for your insights.
  • First of all, give the style a proper title and change the self-link and style ID accordingly to the the title. Otherwise you'll run into trouble.
    Add a template link referencing the chicago style. Remove all the authors/contributors and add your own name to this including your email address as other people will find this thread and might want to get in touch with you.
    Add a summary outlining what this style is/does.

    Regarding the errors:
    1. You cannot just have an empty macro. Delete it/comment the whole thing out.
    2. You need to use else-if and not elseif

  • Hi all very helpful people,

    I am also struggling with listing all the refereces in the footnote. Would it be possible to have marie-sklodowska-curie-actions.csl modified? What I want to do is this. The next blahblah sentence is in the main text and 1-3 refers to the three cited papers whose citations should appear in the footnote.

    Blah blah blahblah blahblah blah blah blah1-3. Blah blah blah blahblah blahblah blah.

    (Actually 1-3 should be superscripted, but I was not able to figure out how to do that in this comment window.) And, in the footnote, I want to see

    1 Case, E and Waterman, T. 2015. Nat Cell Biol 17: 955–63. 2 Abercrombie, K. 1980. P Roy Soc Lond B Bio 207: 129–147. 3 Lämmermann, R et al. 2008. Nature 453: 51–55.

    (I wish to have the first initial of the authors' first names)

    Moreover, if I cite Abercrombie 1980 again in the proposal, I want to have "2" in the maintext, not a new number. Also, I do not want to have "see ref. 1" in the footnote (the citation should appear only when it is cited for the first time).

    Could someone please help? I know the deadline is in a couple of days...

    Thank you very much in advance!
  • Word cannot put multiple footnotes on the same line like that. It’s just not possible. Either insert multiple footnotes or combine all three references into one footnote.
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    Dear all,

    The CSL is a very quick and admittedly dirty hack to get an MSCA-IF application done. Errors have been fixed in the last days.

    @damnation the `elseif` typo has been fixed; but empty macros run just fine. Some of the other suggestions would violate the original licence (in addition to being ever so slightly tone-deaf).


  • Some of the other suggestions would violate the original licence
    FWIW, as a general practice (and to prevent impossibly long contributor-chains), CSL relies on the template link as attribution.
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