Foot notes for a Marie Curie Application

I am hoping that you might be able to help me out. For an application I need to add references as footnotes and as far as I can make out Chicago manual style (note or full note) does this. However, both these referencing styles are not what I am I am after an author-date style (similar to cell), but to add it as a footnote.
I've tried to go through the style directory too, but didn't come across any.
If anyone has any good suggestions I'll be very grateful.
The ideal preference is a simple style that does, for example,
1 Case and Waterman; 2015; Nat Cell Biol; 17: 955–63.
2 Abercrombie; 1980; P Roy Soc Lond B Bio; 207: 129–147.
3 Lämmermann et al.; 2008; Nature; 453: 51–55.
I came across an old forum on this but I could not follow this: (
Thanks lots
  • If you download this file

    (right-click --> save link as) and then double click it, it will install in Zotero. See if that style works for you. It looks roughly along the lines of what you ask for. (The bibliography is sorted oddly by the call number variable, though, not sure with what goal)
  • @adamsmith Applications to this award should be sorted by citation number. I am pretty sure that the call number thing was a misunderstanding on the part of the style author.
  • @lasaniw If you use this style, you would want to delete these lines from the style first:
    <key variable="call-number"/>
  • Hi all,
    Thanks lots for your help-it worked :-)
  • Hi all. This style is very convenient and ALMOST perfect for the Marie Curie.
    My main issue is when I re-cite a ref that was cited on a previous page (let's say ref 1), instead of giving the same ref number (1), it gives a new number with a new footnote that says "see ref 1".
    Is there a way to change that so that it refers to the note on the previous page?
  • You can do that using Word’s Cross-Reference feature.
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