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  • Hi, I just moved (or think so) to a webDAV service (4Shared) ...but I have a question regarding to the files:

    (1) the names of the files are totally different ... no one in 4Shared is even similar to the one I have in my HDD

    (2) also the size ... Zotero tell me that I reach the 300MB of storage ... but in 4Shared it it just 15MB ...

    I'm really confuse ... My HDD database is really syncronized with the webDAV?

    Maybe the image below can clarify my situation ...

  • CainPY: In the future, please start a new thread for new isues. This one is likely to be moved.

    The prop/zip files are as expected for WebDav syncing, but you show only 5 synced attachments. Have yoou let the sync complete? Have you verified you have the WebDAV setup? Note also that WebDAV is only for personal syncing, not for syncing of files in groups. If you are a group owner, this may help explain your high utilization on Zotero's storage.
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    --new thread

    OK. Sorry ... usually the admins ask for search a topic already discussed instead of open new threads ... and this one seems to be related to my question, so, I use it. Will not happen again. BTW, if you prefer to move this one to a new thread, please don't hesitate.

    --Sync complete.

    Yes, as far as I know ... even I force a syncing with my PC database (I use Linux Standalone synced with Zotero till today; Libreoffice and browser plugins)

    --WebDAV setup

    I open an account on 4shared ... almost did not ask for anything ... I use the link (in Preferences-Sync)

    Any advice?

    -- 5 attachments

    What it means? Just 5 references (books, articles)? Or 5 folders? I have a lot ,more ... O: -(

    --Personal Syncing

    Yes, the account is personal (as far as I know); maybe the high utilization can be explained because I use Zotero since ... 2012 (I don't remember really) for scholar works.
  • Because the WebDAV was verified and you have a partial upload, I'd follow the guidance given in the knowledgebase I linked to:
    If the file hasn't been uploaded correctly but syncing completes on Computer A without a sync error, go to the Sync→Reset pane of the Zotero preferences on Computer A and select Reset File Sync History. This shouldn't be necessary under normal usage, but it will cause Zotero to check every attachment to make sure that it has been uploaded to the server.
    and then force a sync and wait. Hopefully, more files will be synced. If not, you may need to provide a debug ID.

    Also note that 4shared will only allow ≈2,500 Zotero attachments. Unclear from your screenshots if you'll run into that limit.
  • Hi again ...

    I did all you gave ... thanks .... and nothing changes, just the same 5 items...

    BUT ... before reset anything, I export my library with Zotero file type (.rdf), both with and without files ... AND ...

    In the FILES folder I found 5 subfolders!!! each one plenty of web-pages-related-files, look at the image ...

    I open a couple of the zip files in the 4shared zotero folder ( where the 5 synced attachments are stored) and found that they have the same files above (in the export).

    That means, as far as I can conclude, that those files are the snapshots/attachments taked (even when in preferences I didn't check for it ... another question for another thread) ...

    OK, those files synced are snapshots ... But where, in the webDAV server is my Bibliography?!?!? I don't need snapshots, but the meta-information about books, articles, etc. (including notes).

  • Item metadata are always synced using the server (for free). WebDAV is only used for file syncing.
  • The export is consistent with the sync. Perhaps you're not storing attachments in your Zotero directory, but are merely linking to files (possibly with the aid of something like zotfile)? If you're using linked files, they won't sync. If they're all in the same directory, you should be able to sync easily using a third-party tool
  • OMG!!!

    That means I have 285,2 MB of metadata? (metadata: name, autor, ISBN, etc.)

    if it is true ... seems I need to updrade my account ...
  • I'm looking on some zotero entries (on web) ...
    and seems that the oldest ones have attachments with ...
    ... but in my PC there is'nt

    is there a way to delete all attachments (batch process)?
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    That means I have 285,2 MB of metadata? (metadata: name, autor, ISBN, etc.)
    No. There's no metadata limits.

    Did you have attachments stored in your zotero directory in the past (perhaps before using something like zotfile)?

    Empty your trash. Sync to the Zotero server. The Zotero server should then show a similar level of use as your WebDAV.
  • definitively, the snapshots are the problem ... I'm deleting many (one to one) and ... my quota gone down ...

    will try ... thanks
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